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It's Your Shot

October 30, 2024

It's Your Shot is a music talent competition launched by Slaight Music in June 2010. The first year's winner was London, Ontario's Liz Coyles with her song "Butterflies". It's Your Shot 2 launched in June of 2012 with a prize package worth $50,000, and the winner was Thought Beneath Film, a five-piece rock band from Hamilton, Ontario. In year three, New Brunswick's Jill Godin was selected the winner, and the 2014 winner was singer-songwriter Sam Drysdale. Kayla Diamond took the top prize in 2015, and in 2016 the winner was Toronto's Notifi. Toronto duo Moscow Apartment took the prize in 2017, followed by singer-songwriter Johnny Shay. The latest winner is the band new Friends from London, Ontario.

Indie Week – Online Music Conference

November 6, 2024

Indie Week's annual online conference features comprehensive education and conversations on artist development, sync licensing, live streaming, songwriting, production, royalties, publishing, tech tools, and more. This unique virtual event helps forge creative relationships between participants that boost professional networks and careers. INDIE WEEK offers many ways for attendees and participants to connect to build new relationships that can have an impact on creating new business relationships.


INDIE WEEK is an industry leader in the digital space, presenting 4 annual music + tech online conferences, a live weekly industry discussion series, a podcast, online mentorship sessions, and a new online community for music creators and professionals (songwriters, artists, producers, promoters, festivals, conferences, labels, and more ) that is launching in 2023.

From local to international, INDIE WEEK provides online platforms for creators and business professionals of any level to connect online to do real business.

Dixon Music Hall

December 6, 2024

Young minds need more than food and shelter. The Arts expand horizons, and music speaks to everyone. No wonder Dixon Hall’s Music School has garnered praise and such positive attention from across the city. Every year, hundreds of children from low-income families are exposed to the joy of music through high quality instruction for fees as low as $3.00 per lesson.

Acquiring and excelling at a new skill in turn promotes self-esteem and builds a positive self-image. Moreover, early exposure to the arts shows children what life can offer—creativity, fun and beauty. A wonderful world of possibilities opens up and a lifelong passion for music can take root. Many of Dixon Hall’s music students go on to perform, win awards and launch successful careers in music.