Theo Tams and The Rainbow Collective release “This Little Light”

Theo Tams and The Rainbow Collective release “This Little Light”

Theo Tams and The Rainbow Collective have announced the release of “This Little Light” on June 4 via Hidden Pony Records/Universal Music Canada. “This Little Light” is an anthem of hope for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community that speaks to the struggles they face in an increasingly divided world. Comprising over 20 Canadian vocalists of diverse genres, identities, ages, races and genders, The Rainbow Collective stands as a testament to strength, courage and pride.

All proceeds from the song will support The 519 Community Centre’s Pay It No Mind Fund, which provides emergency financial aid to racialized Two-Spirit, trans and non-binary community members to cover essentials. A music video featuring members of The Rainbow Collective is also in the works.

After facing months of homophobic messages and comments on his social media platforms, Tams wrote the song with Andrew (Marty) Martino and Liz Rodrigues. Tams recognized the privilege of having a support network he could turn to, but others around the globe aren’t so fortunate. It is a criminal offense to be gay in a third of countries in the world and 64 UN member states, and in six of these, being LGBTQ is punishable by the death penalty. In the U.S., Florida has passed a “don’t say gay” bill, making it illegal to talk about other sexual orientations in the school system. Alberta just passed legislation that directly puts trans/non-binary kids and teens in potentially unsafe environments. 

Tams had originally planned to release the song as a solo single, but he felt compelled to expand his vision and began reaching out to fellow Canadian queer artists to join him in bringing the song to life. Soon enough, the Rainbow Collective was born. 

“This is the story of all of us. We are artists. We are songwriters. We are queer and we are advocates in our community for the right to simply exist, to shine in the way we were all meant to,” says Tams. “I truly believe that every person who identifies under the rainbow umbrella will hear themselves in this song. We are up against some of the scariest legislature and proposed bills that we have seen in decades and all of this threatens not only our happiness but our safety as well. This song is an anthem, it is a message, it is a declaration, for every person who has ever felt silenced and pushed to the fringe of our society simply for being who they were meant to be. Some may feel silenced, but we are a whole collective willing to speak on their behaves until they have the confidence or find the safety needed to do so themselves. I want these kids and teens and young adults to know that being their authentic selves isn't wrong; that they are enough, and worthy of a life of peace, happiness, respect and contentment.” 

The Rainbow Collective includes: 


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