Indie Week – Indie 101

Indie Week – Indie *101*
April 20, 2024

Indie 101 is an online music conference for artists and music industry professionals looking to build a sustainable career in the music industry. The event covers everything you need to know before, during, and after releasing new recordings, including how to monetize your music. You'll learn while making connections with speakers and other attendees that can have a significant impact on your career.

In 2024 the event will be taking place on three consecutive Saturdays.

SAT APR 20 - Day 1 focuses on Songwriting and Production Education
SAT APR 27 - Day 2 explores the ins and outs of the Music Business
SAT MAY 04 - Day 3 delves into Promoting and Marketing Strategies

INDIE WEEK is an industry leader in the digital space, presenting 4 annual music + tech online conferences, a live weekly industry discussion series, a podcast, online mentorship sessions, and the online community DIT for music creators and professionals (songwriters, artists, producers, promoters, festivals, conferences, labels, and more.)

DIT stands for "Do It Together" and has a mission to create a worldwide community to interact, promote, collaborate and make professional connections. There are now over 2300 worldwide members and the community is growing by 100 new members every week. Join the DIT Community here.

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