Digital Investments

At Slaight Music, we recognize the growing role that new technologies play in shaping our musical experiences and strengthening our relationship to artists and their work. Whether through the process of creation or consumption, our interaction with music today is increasingly mediated digitally.

That’s why we’ve made strategic investments in a number of Canadian music-based technology start-ups, taking positions in news and production platforms like andPOP, and  CHARTattack, digital music distribution networks like Sirius XM Canada, as well as discovery and curation engines like and

We’ve also built our own technology solution to help us to spot trends, identify emerging talent and gather musical intelligence – something we refer to as our next-generation A&R platform. Launched in March 2012, New Canadian Music draws on data from industry partners like Apple and Next Big Sound to catalog and review what comes out in this country every week, as well as rank those releases using advanced social media measurement metrics.

We’re always looking for new opportunities in the digital entertainment space, so if you’re convinced you’re sitting on the next great music technology idea, please send a note telling us what you’re up to.