Slaight Music Publishing, a division of Slaight Music is our boutique publishing concern originally created to offer our vested developing artists an additional in house revenue stream as well as the sync/placement resources and expertise of our administration partner Reservoir Media.

The current artist/writer roster includes Theo Tams and Roslyn Witter plus Conrad Galecki, Stefan Boulineau, Ayden Miller and Cole Wilson (collectively known as New Friends), Jillea, Kayla Diamond, Ryan Langdon, Sam Drysdale and Aiza. We also have exclusive songwriter agreements with heritage Country Music artists Patricia Conroy (based in Nashville) and Jim Witter. We continue to publish catalogue on Jessica Mitchell, Liam Titcomb and select controlled compositions from Housewife (formerly Moscow Apartment) and emerging Hip Hop artist Notifi.

For further information or music publishing related inquiries, contact James Campbell.