The Slaight Music Team in 2017 at CMW
The Slaight Music Team in 2017 at CMW

Slaight Music was established in 2011 by Allan and Gary Slaight (Allan Slaight is known as Canada’s broadcast pioneer, music leader and a prominent Canadian philanthropist), with a mandate to support the Canadian music community through a variety of initiatives and to develop Canadian talent via strategic partnerships with industry peers. Slaight Music works with artists from across the country and the musical spectrum, helping to further careers and get great music heard. Slaight Music is also invested in the technology sphere, helping Canadian music entrepreneurs develop the next generation of digital platforms and services. The company also supports a variety of music-related events, causes and charities.


Since 2011 Slaight Music has worked with over 40 Canadian artists and groups to help launch or further their career development. Our team has a broad range of music industry experience and an extensive network of professional industry resources upon which to call, to make meaningful artist development a reality. We have nurtured relationships throughout the music-making chain and partnered with songwriters, producers, managers and labels.

Think of Slaight Music as an artist incubator, committed to fostering the ideal conditions for maximum creativity...Developing and aligning talent with key players, decision-makers and influencers via multiple initiatives designed to bring forward the best of today’s young, yet-to-be-discovered artists.

Our investment strategy sees us taking a stake in the future business potential of songwriters and artists we feel can succeed, helping to nurture their artistry and raise their public profiles before sharing in any revenues. Check out the complete list of artists we’re currently working with here. Please drop us a line if you’d like to submit your work for consideration.


In addition to nurturing talent and developing technology, Slaight Music supports a variety of music-related causes, events and awards bodies including the Juno Awards, the Polaris Prize, Luminato and Canada’s Walk of Fame.

In assessing what programs and services to support, we look carefully at an organization’s track record in championing Canadian culture, paying particular attention to those initiatives that ignite passion, inspire creativity, recognize outstanding achievement and encourage participants to pursue their professional goals.

We look for groups with a demonstrated professional commitment to achieving their mission, along with an emphasis on fostering diversity while educating and supporting the next generation of Canadian artists.

If you’d like to tell us more about your event, program or organization, feel free to email us.